Meet Fran and Sarah

When she rounded the corner I could smell the wintergreen Tic Tacs on her breath. She was frantically making her way back to her office.

“Where had she been?” I wondered. “Where’s the fire?”.

She closed her office door clumsily in her haste, and caught the tail end of her dress in it. She abruptly cracks the door enough to pull the irritating piece of fabric inside the room and slams it back. I could hear her begin to cry a little, and desperately try to pull herself together. She knew that she could not remain in an emotional state for long. The office is so busy, and at any second someone could walk in her door, or call her desk.

Fran dries her tears enough to escape to the bathroom down the hall. At least in there no one would disturb her.

“Fran, is that you?” a voice rang out from another stall. Fran takes a deep breath as if to think that if she didn’t breathe Sarah would forget that she heard her sniffing.

“Hey Sarah, yes it’s me”

“Are you okay? Do you have a cold? Are you crying?” inquired Sarah immediately.

“I just have some things going on. I’ll be fine. I just need a minute” Fran said in hopes that that would satisfy Sarah’s curiosity. Fran should have known better though, Sarah is nosey. She has been the office tabloid for fifteen years.